Don’t you love it when…

This morning my alarm went of at 6:00 AM, as it does most mornings.   But anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not, by any means, a morning person.  I allow horrible things to happen to me in the mornings:  I decide that I locked my keys in my car, only to find out that they were just hidden underneath yesterday’s mail… after taking a ride from the boy, I leave my research paper at home… the one that’s due in ten minutes, I chose to wear sandals and remember hours later that it’s a lab day (for any science major knows from day 1: if you wear open toed shoes or anything cute you will be kicked out and recieve no credit).  These types of things have been happening to me so consistently lately that I just don’t want to get up any more.  What’s the point?  Everything’s going to go wrong.

So I snoozed until 8:00 AM, disregarding the fact that I couldn’t figure out my lab calculations and I promised myself I would do it in the morning.  I knew I had a group project meeting after my chem lab, and I knew that both group members were trying to ditch.  Another group solo project. Snooze.  Snooze. Snooze…

But I did get up, and experienced the best luck I’ve had in the longest time.


I signed into my email to find that my friend Kristen (the one with the scary ESP) had emailed me her calculations from lab because she asked the professor for help and knew she got them right.  I didn’t even tell her I was having trouble with them!


My friend Diana came into class with the beautiful Starbucks cup pictured above, in all its grande-iced-green-tea-half-soy-half-skim-with-two-pumps-of-vanilla-latte glory.  And it was for me!  So happy!


My chem lab was a bore but Kristen and I were done in about an hour and a half and were the first to leave, which meant it was project time.  Both of my group members showed up… with excuses including “last minute work meeting soon,” and, “have to pick my car up from the shop in half an hour”,  but we busted it out and it’s done!

Don’t you love it when life surprises you?  In a good way?


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