Hi, I’m Jenn! (note the two “n”‘s, thank you! People always forget!)

I don’t know exactly where this blogging adventure will take me, but I had a very overpowering desire to do it.  And from past experiences, strong gut feelings like that can only bring me closer to the things I feel most passionate about:  isn’t that what we’re all living for?

Some things about me…

I love traveling, reading, drawing and painting, dancing, photography, new friends, good conversations, writing and receiving letters (hint, hint, pen pals?), and hearing peoples’ dreams and life stories.  I love learning about YOU!

I am a twenty something, full-time biology student in America, but I actually want nothing to do with the sciences.  I plan on graduating with an almost useless BS in Biology in May of 2013: hopefully to pursue a career that involves thinking creatively, reading a lot and/or traveling the world.

I am also a really good helper.  I don’t always practice what I preach but helping you helps me realize that, and change.

When I grow up I want to be happy.  That’s all.  Oh, and a mom! That’s a ways away though…

My favorite place is Rome (so far).  There’s so much diversity, so much history, so much culture and art: so much to enjoy.  Another good place is my bed, equipped with a hot cup of tea and a good book.

I have an enormous and still growing library of books, a wonderful boyfriend, two cats (Miles and Chloe, sometimes called Lefty and Lucy, but mostly called Monkeys or twin cows), a terrible case of wanderlust, an almost impossible and still growing list of dreams/goals, an obsession with learning music and foreign languages (guitar and French are my current works in progress) and a lot of questions!

If you have any questions, comment, email or most desirably, write me a letter!


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