Yours truly: signatures of various artists

“We were all betting on who had the neatest signature, but it was unanimous that it would be you.”  One of the most memorable  moments in my softball career was that very declaration from my coach after signing a waiver for a tournament.

I’ve always put a lot of thought into my signature.   It’s a representation of myself, and it has evolved with me: from variations of curly J’s, to hearts and open dots  over the i and an assortment of f’s.  I want someone to look at my signature and think that my life is just as beautiful and elegant as the cursive letters scrawled across the page.

So naturally the hardest thing for me to do is sign one of my paintings or drawings… it has to be perfect or the whole thing is ruined!  As a result of this insecurity, I found myself analyzing the signatures of the following artists while at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  This is how the masters do it:

1. The Amazing Claude Monet

Poplars at Giverny, 1887

2.  Paul Signac

3. Theodore van Rysselberghe

4. Pierre-Auguste Renoir

5. Edouard Manet

6. Edgar Degas

7. James Jacques Joseph Tissot

8. Adolph Gottlieb

9. Norman Lewis

10. Jackson Pollock: Sorry for the lighting in this one, I was so excited I didn’t even notice the reflection issue!

11. Stuart Davis: He signed the top of his paintings!  I thought it was exciting!

12. Camille Pissarro

Which signature is your favorite?  Which is most like your own?

Next post:  what your signature says about your personality.