Snack Attack review

In case I’ve never mentioned it before, I am a HUGE FAN of Lauren Conrad.  I’m pretty sure her existence is what motivated me to become a fashion major once upon a time in that far away land.  So naturally I follow her Pinterest, Twitter, buy her books and read her every word as posted on her blog.  Nothing excessive :-)

A while ago when visiting her blog, I came across one of her “slim” tip snack ideas and was immediately grossed out at the first one: graham crackers with cream cheese and grapes.  So disgusting!  But are they really?

I was bored and haven’t had the equipment required to safely build a fire for making s’mores, so I decided my grahams could be used to test out Lauren’s slim tip snack recipe.

I was so surprised not only to find out that I loved it, but that it tasted like cheesecake!  CHEESECAKE!  That delicious dessert that was banished, along with all other desserts upon realizing that bathing suit season was approaching.  If you can recall the ingredients for a cheesecake, it really does make sense: it was one of those “Ohhhh, why didn’t I think of that?” moments.

So there you have it, a borderline healthy dessert-ish snack attack fix.  I’m sorry for doubting you Lauren.  To visit her original post, click here.


Happy snack time everyone!


Recent obsessions (my first post!)

Hello everyone and welcome to my world!  I thought I’d start off with a few fun things that inspire me

Please visit Marthe. She’s awesome, to say the least.

This is by far the best peanut butter blossom recipe I’ve found.  I’ve tried recipe after recipe that were similar at first glance but far less magical in the end. Also there are pictures-that’s important!

The boyfriend’s teaching me guitar. It’s a lot harder than I expected, but so fun when you start to do things right!

I just finished reading The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.  I’m seriously regretting not buying the whole trilogy all at once- I tore through the first two. Mockingjay, here I come!