How to never be bored (or how to avoid things that you’re supposed to be doing)

Whenever homework bores me (always), this is what I do:

1. Clean your room

For those of us who didn’t inherit the Mr. Clean gene, this may seem a little counter intuitive, and yes, I know I’m not your mother.  BUT when you get down to the nitty gritty, you find the coolest/funniest things you forgot you had!  That picture of you and your college roommate (with whom you later got in a huge hair-pulling girl fight that was broken up by the campus police ) striking cheesy poses, dressed up as pirates: ruffly collars and hooks and all.     Or an awesome note that someone passed to you in class years ago: the one that sparked the inside joke to end all inside jokes.

The things you find in hidden places are always the best (old binders, the back of your desk drawers, etc.).  And everything you find is guaranteed to bring back fun, happy, awesome, hilarious memories because we all hold burning ceremonies immediately for the things that bring back bad memories.  Right? By the time you have to go back to the “real world, you’ve been entertained for hours and have a half clean, half torn apart room.  Not bad.

2. Go to the library

I personally dream about the library.  I want to someday live in a library.  Something about all those books makes the creative part of my brain feel like it’s on crack- it seriously needs to take a jog around the block.  A few times.  Maybe even a cold shower.  And everyone who goes to the library is probably just like me.  And I know that every time I consider borrowing a book, I flip through the pages first.  Just to see if there are any hidden gems: notes in the margins, business cards, dollar bill bookmarks, doodles, love notes.  I pray for there to be a love note.  Doesn’t everyone?

So why don’t we write our own love notes?  Find the book with the oldest, most tattered looking spine, string together the  sappiest, gushiest, most cliche words on a pretty piece of paper, and shove it in there somewhere.  Bonus points for signing it with a bright, red lipstick kiss!

3.  Learn to write songs

Nothing hardcore;  you don’t need to have a degree from Boston Conservatory to write your own music.  you don’t need to know anything about music at all.  Just pick a melody that you already know, one that’s easy to sing to and make up your own words.  Even cleaning the toilet is fun when you describe what you’re doing to Hit me baby one more time.  Okay, maybe cleaning the toilet is never fun but some things doodoo need to get done. (Couldn’t resist).

If you’d really like to accomplish something with your voice, head on over to this guy’s youtube for some good voice warm ups and full lessons. For FREE!

4. Always daydream

I’m really not a funny person in real life.  I try sometimes, but people usually only laugh when I’m trying to be serious.  And that just offensive, guys! But for some reason, when I daydream, I’m the funniest person in the room.  No matter where I am in my daydreams, people are cracking up at me.  And unlike Real-life Jenn, Daydream Jenn never thinks it’s because there’s a piece of lunch left stuck in her teeth.  In fact, Daydream Jenn knows she’s truly hilarious.  So the next time you’re bored and lazy, get to work on the newest comedy flick starring yourself, premiering inside your creative little mind.  Everyone needs a good laugh every five minutes!

5.  Find the blind spot in your eyes

Believe it or not, your eyes don’t actually see everything that you see.  A tiny part of your peripheral vision is filled in by your brain.  To find it, make a small dot on an index card and cover one eye.  Stare at the index card, putting it as close to your face as possible, and without shifting your focus, move the index card away from you.  You may have to move it to the left or right.  It’s usually at a distance of 10 to 14 inches, and on a slight diagonal. You’ll see the index card, lines and all but without the dot you drew.  You could also try this, right on your computer.  Freaky, huh?  And you look pretty hilariously stupid to the people walking by! Everyone needs a good laugh every five minutes.

6. Make something

Make anything.  Invent a new flavor of cupcake using things in your fridge.  I like to use different flavors of coffee mate in place of milk when I’m baking.  Head over to Trash to Couture if you like sewing.  :-) Make a skateboard/longboard/shlongboard. Put together a photo album or scrapbook of your favorite trip.  Make a plain old mess (I think that’s fun).  If you need more ideas, visit Make Something Mondays!

7.  Freshly Pressed

Duh.  There goes a whole day!