10 things I hope my cat has been doing in the week that she’s been missing

Baby Chloe in the recipe box!

My cat Chloe has been missing for a week.  A whole week.  I’ve put up posters, informed Home Again, and have looked for her in all the surrounding sheds, garages and lobster traps.

Talking to people has made me optimistic: some people have stories of cats that went missing for years and then came home again.  But I can’t help but feel guilty for all the trouble I’m causing in my neighborhood.  There are approximately 100 cats in the area that are cow colored, just like my Chloe, and now everyone’s trying to capture them for me!  Oh, the poor non-Chloe cow cats of the neighborhood!

Just the other night I got a phone call from Home Again saying someone had gotten Chloe into their basement and she was waiting for me.  I was so excited!  I got to this girl’s house (her name was Jennifer also) and realized one of her cats had gotten stuck in a tree in my backyard a year ago (that cat’s name was also Chloe. Weird).  So I knew she was a cat person too, and hopefully she could tell the difference between cow colored cats.  But she couldn’t, it wasn’t my Chloe.  My Chloe has a pink nose.  All the other cow cats have black noses.

I guess you’ll never know how different cow colored cats look until you’ve had one.

So I’m still looking, but these are the things I’m forcing myself to think about instead of all the perilous and less optimistic options:

1.  I hope Chloe’s drinking lots of water.  In all 3 of the bowls I’ve left out for her.

2.  I hope she’s hunting lots of animals.  Including the coyotes.  She can take the coyotes.

3.  I hope she’s running around.  In open spaces.  Ones that are obviously blocked from my view no matter whose backyard I trespass on.

4.  I hope she’s laying out in the sun, getting her cat tan on every day.

5.  I hope she gets to take long lazy naps like she usually would.  Waking up only to roll around until someone rubs her belly because it’s so cute.  And then promptly scratching that person for rubbing her belly.  She hates that.

6.  I hope she’s with another family.  And they feed her and let her sleep on the bed.  She’s a snuggler.

7.  I hope she’s purring and chirruping lots.  She has a nice chirrup.

8.  I hope she’s learning to climb trees.  I’ve never seen her do that so I’m not sure she knows that that’s what cats do.

9.  I hope she remembers me.

10.  I hope she’s thinking about coming home soon.


Does anyone else have a lost pet story with a happy ending?

Last picture I took of her!