The List

You know “The List”. The List that we all get caught up on making. The List that makes us freak out if we reach x, y or z age without accomplishing a good portion of it. The List we obsess over and daydream about when our lives aren’t going exactly as planned.

I’ve had this kind of list since I was probably too young to be thinking about what I want to do “before I die”, adding and subtracting things as I grew. So here it is! The crossed out ones I have already accomplished!

1. Move to LA to dance

2. Spend a year studying painting or photography in Europe

3. Perform on the guitar (and/or piano). Even if it’s just in front of friends.

4. Speak Spanish, French and Italian fluently

5. Spend time in an underdeveloped country helping children

6. Visit Italy

7. Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain

8. Live in New York City

9. Run in a race

10. Bike Across the country. Or at least drive.

11. Witness Aurora Borealis

12. Live the island life :-)

13. Sell a piece of my artwork

14. Take a figure drawing class. And now take another.

15. Model for a figure drawing class

16. Climb a mountain

17. Swim with dolphins

18. Visit the Grand Canyon

19. See the Redwood Forest

20. Live free from credit card debt (working on it!)

21. Win money in Vegas (everyone saw 21, right? Easy!)

22. Design Clothing

23. Ride a camel around the Egyptian Pyramids

24. Get my Nana’s poetry published

25. Dance on a cruise ship

26. Write a book (?)

27. Model in a fashion show

28. Earn a black belt in anything (hopefully Krav Maga) and become so fierce that I have to register parts of my body as weapons.

29. Go canopy ziplining in Hawaii

30. Visit Angkor Wat

31. Visit Alcatraz

32. Move to London

31. Read 50 books in one year

32. Go on an African Safari (see giraffes in the wild :-))

33. Visit all European Countries

34. Eat a durian

35. Teach English abroad

36. Create a blog :-)

37. Have kids

38. Quit my job working for corporate America

39. Get a massage. For an hour.

40. Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower (and I hope there’s someone there to snap a pic! So cheesy, but… <;;3)

I'll certainly be adding to this but what's on your list? Have you done anything you feel no one should go without experiencing? Comment below!


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